Miscellaneous Telecommunication Items

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19” Rack

Covered 19” Rack complete with all fittings for housing the sub-Rack SDH ADMs & P.O. MUX, fully wired including Power Supply distribution system DDG, internal wiring and other accessories runway ladder etc.


Electronic Gate Telephone

Electronic Gate Telephone System as per Specn. No. RDSO/SPN/TC-51/2009 (Revision 1 or latest)

  1. Master
  2. Slave
  3. 24V DC Power Supply Unit with Battery for above


Speech Conversion Unit

4W to 2W Speech Conversion Unit as per IRS-TC-46/88 (Active) 2 Circuits.

  1. 4W/2W Speech Conversion Unit Single (Active).
  2. 4W to 2W Speech Conversion Unit Single (Passive)
  3. 4W/2W Conversion Hybrid (Passive)


Digital Clock with GPS

Digital Clock with GPS Synchronization as per Specn. No. RDSO/SPN/TC/62/2008Rev.3.


Radio Patching Unit

Radio Patching Unit as per RDSO Specn. No. IRS-TC-59/93. CONTROL END with dedicated Channel.


6 Way Brunching Network

6 Way Branching Network